The meaning of number 5 can best be described as a mystery. Since five is so mysterious here are some knowns.

F – Fierce
I – Intuitive
V- Vivacious
E- Extraordinary

Meaning of 5Fives are usually adventurous, and it’s this sense of adventure that can get them into trouble. They tend to draw themselves to the mystical and the unexplainable. ¬†Fives are often fascinated by unusual beliefs, be they philosophical or religious.

They have a strong artistic side which if harnesses can explode into an artistic movement that defines one’s soul. This love for art makes them lively and intelligent, always willing to hear another person’s point of view. After all, the critics in art are of abundance.

Fives need to be careful, their love for the weird can turn their enigma-like nature into a pointless barrage of attention seeking self destruction.

Just like a paintbrush, the wrong turn on life’s canvass can make or break a painting. So dance on the canvass of life and make us see something beautiful, something that the naked eye will be pleased with.

Words of advice for 5 – Don’t be weird for the sake of being weird