The number six is a happy number. It’s not too fast and not too slow, it keeps the right pace and gets the job done (no pun intended).

Meaning of 6Six’s well balanced nature makes six a valuable friend. Six is loyal and prefers old friends over new ones. Now this doesn’t mean six is antisocial, it just means the number six values the time invested and good times had.

Six is definitely not a thrill seeker, they prefer to keep things as they are rather than innovate to create a new way of doing things. Despite this conventional approach to life, six is anything but dull.

Optimistic, charming, and kind makes six capable of nourishing any relationship. This is a number that you can count on and lean on with all your weight.

Like the main keystone in an arch, six will stabilize any situation. This dependability makes 6s natural leaders and puts them at the forefront of success.

Words of advice for six - Don’t have high expectations, this can come back to burn you in the end.